My predictions for SEO in 2018                  

The rapid development of technology, new Google updates and changing trends are some main factors that contribute to the way that search engine optimization operates. SEO industry constantly evolves and SEO must be always up to date with the latest developments that can affect the entire strategy for digital marketing. There are a few predictions about what might happen with SEO in 2018, but main thing is that we should not expect something groundbreaking or something that will get us by surprise. The main prediction is that this year there will be continuation of several processes that people know already. In general, having a high quality content, good onsite optimization and quality backlinks will still be the three main SEO pillars around which everything will revolve. Now let`s see my predictions for SEO in 2018.

  • The Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve. By using AI in the popular search engines, the search results will become better and more accurate. Not only that, by I also expect the black-hat SEO tactics to be totally eliminated, which will be good news for every consumer.
  • Voice searching will significantly increase. As the technology improves and evolves and as people use mobile devices more and more, we should expect to see using our voices more for searching. Voice search will slowly take over the standard search by typing words, because it is faster and more convenient way for searching.
  • Mobile experience will take over the desktop experience. Importance of going mobile cannot be emphasized enough, so for a certain website to stay afloat in keep up with the competition, it must have mobile-optimized content. An example of this is the dating app Tits Finder as the mobile experience is flawless.
  • Expect to see bigger emphasis put on the structured markup. Those that implement structured data markup on their websites will get big advantage, because Google will be able to correctly and easily understand what the website is all about. Google is doing its best to encourage website owners to utilize this markup because at the moment not many websites are taking the full advantage of the structured markup.
  • Production of video content will continue to rise. Having a high quality video content will be a major factor in 2018. Video content is slowly overtaking written content, especially on the social media platforms. Videos are becoming the most popular way to consume web content, and videos are great because they also keep people more on the website they visit.

These were my main predictions for SEO in 2018 although we should expect to see other interesting things happening as well. World of technology is constantly moving, so maybe there will be even some new implementations that will change the SEO industry. Search engine optimization industry is exciting, because there is always something going on. Pay attention to the mentioned predictions and you will be in advantage over others. Being constantly up to date with latest developments is very important if you want to be one step ahead and succeed in the exciting world of SEO.