My predictions for social media in 2018

Social media are constantly evolving and developing, so you have to keep pace and follow the latest trends in order to take full advantage of it. If you want to be in front of the competition then you would benefit if you consider my following predictions for social media in 2018.

  • The ephemeral content will continue to rise. Ephemeral content relates to the posts that last for shorter period of time. This type of content is very important for keeping people excited and constantly engaged, because ephemeral content is more authentic than other content. Babes Match dating app is at the frontier of this. Social marketers often have doubts when they have to invest into something that lasts for a day, but ephemeral content will likely become the top content for getting consumers engaged.
  • Organic reach will erode in 2018. You have probably already noticed that on Facebook you started seeing less content from your followed pages. This is because algorithms of social media are changing, so there will be no free exposure as we used to see it in the past. Paid advertising will become the main thing this year, because there are millions of posts created every minute so brands cannot stand out among the competition with free exposure.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality will start to take over the social media. Consumers are excited when they get into action so we expect this type of technology to really take over in 2018. Both augmented and virtual reality are costly things to fully implement, but the hardware is getting very affordable each day and it will be just a matter of months before we see the full potential of these two technologies in the world of social media.
  • New chatbot solutions will become the main thing for social media in 2018. Chatbots are becoming common practice because large majority of consumers are interested in them because of their instant nature. Many popular brands will start using chatbots in order to give their existing and new customers quality interactions that may later lead to conversions.
  • The ad transparency will further strengthen. Many of the brands are under pressure to show bigger transparency when it comes to leading their ad campaigns. Therefore, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter will further strengthen their policy regarding this. It will become possible for the users to check out the ad campaigns of any brand with just one click on a button.

These were a few predictions for social media in 2018 and there should be a few other interesting developments as well. Social media are flexible and can easily adapt to many new things, so people should be ready to see some very interesting changes. As with many other things regarding technology, you always have to pay attention to the latest developments and get informed for everything well in advance. Keep these predictions in mind and you could benefit from all changes that could happen in social media in 2018.